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   The whole town is celebrating and decorated with hundreds of illuminations. In 1605 the pontiff presented the town with a relic of the martyr, a piece of the saint’s rib inside a case and a silver urn. On August 24th after the celebration of the Holy Communion, standards come out of the church of S. Bartolomeo and the statue of the Saint is put out at the top of the flight of step. Carried on the believer’s shoulders the statue rapidly comes down the stairs, while fireworks are thrown to the sky from the bell-tower together with thousands of coloured paper strips with writings that celebrate the saint. This is the most beautiful moment which creates a suggestive atmosphere. A polychromy of colours, sounds and shouts " Evviva San Bartolomeo" (Hurrah to San Bartolomeo) which every year renews a massive popular participation.
The cult of the Madonna della Neve, the joint patron
, whose celebrations are before the onion festival, is as ancient as "Terravecchia".