The History La storia
  Owing to the taxes paid, the Aragonese sovereign distributed feuds and titles and since then Jarratana belonged to Nicoḷ Lancia. After the Chiaramonte family dinasty, when the power passed to the Cabrera, Cerretanum too was included in the County of Modica. But when Bernardo Cabrera fell into disgrace, the town was once more sold. The Casasagia family in 1454 sold the feud to Simonetto Settimo whose family owned Giarratana for long. In 1569 the Tuscan family changed the barony into a marquisate. The Castle of the Settimo family dominated from the highest place the "Poju di li ddisi" and it was still standing until the end of last century. Today only some ruins are left, together with the fortification walls.