The History La storia
  It was abandoned by its inhabitants after 1693 to reconstruct the town on the "Pojo delli Disi". Some historical documents relate that Giarratana belonged to the son of the Lord of Ragusa, Ruggero, the Earl Goffredo . In 1195 the king of Sicily Henry VI gave Giarratana to Rinaldo D'Acquaviva who belonged to the king’s family. During the reigns of Manfredi and Pietro D’Aragona the Lord of Giarratana was Gualtiero of Caltagirone. The fact that no written documents have been found on this site doesn’t mean that the town hadn’t an important role, probably the continuous falls of the reigns and the subsequent handing over of power have caused the loss of some important written documents. Anyway the proof that Jarratana gave a substantial contribution to history is the fact that Pietro D'Aragona considered Giarratana among the towns which had to pay taxes to finance the war against Angevins. In 1299 in the path named later "Portella dei Francesi" the Aragonese led by Blasco D'Aragona wiped out the Angevins.