Typical products Prodotti tipici
Even white nougat is a typical product of the Giarratana cuisine. It is a delicacy that is always present in our tables at Christmas when tables are full of gastronomic specialities. Nougat is made of selected ingredients; almonds and the finest honey mixed together create the typical taste of this nougat as white as onion. There are no preservatives or spices in it but only the flavour of honey and local almonds. In snack bars and restaurants of Giarratana you can find onion cooked with different methods according to a multitude of traditional recipes. Sweet and sour onion or simply roast onion with extra vergine olive oil to exalt its taste. In all the tables you can find very good red wines. The focacce, the typical meal of Hyblaean cuisine are filled with various ingredients: sausage, tomato and onion, spinach, broad beans and ricotta, ..../