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  Inside the church there are numerous statues, sculpturesque jewels between the altars and beautiful stuccoes decorations. But the most beautiful statue is the one representing the Madonna della Neve the patron saint of Giarratana.

In the same street, but in the lower part of Corso Umberto, before the town hall (built in 1812 and inaugurated in 1837) stands stately the fašade of the mother church in a late renaissance style. The most peculiar element in the outer part is the left bell-tower (for those watching it from corso Umberto) which stands alone after the collapse of the twin right bell-tower. The most original architectural element is the beautiful square tower with a clock. The first works for the construction of the mother church started in 1696, by order of Traiano Settimo; the apse, the dome and the side aisles date back to that period.